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Starting College Next Month

Starting College Next Month

Going off to college is an exciting time for both parents and students. Many students decide to move away from home to a different city for college. There are many things to prepare for before starting school and shortly afterwards. To prepare you must complete all the required college forms, find a place to live, and buy the necessary essentials. In addition, you should also request copies of your medical record for required medical information to complete your forms and for right after your move. Having copies of your medical records is important as you embark on this part of your life and start college.

Why Do You Need Copies of Your Medical Records?

Before starting school, the college you’re accepted to will need copies of your immunizations. Knowing your immunizations will ensure that you have protection against some preventable diseases by vaccination. However, there are also some immunizations that are required and recommended for college students since they are at higher risk for certain infections, such as meningitis. This information can be found in your medical records. You can request copies to be sent to your college once you have received the appropriate immunizations.

Additionally, once you move away from home to start college in a new city, you will need copies of your medical records. Living in a new city, you will likely need to see a new doctor. Sharing a copy of your medical record with your new doctor at your first check up will keep you steps ahead in the process. The doctor can quickly catch up with your medical information and history. If your medical condition requires a referral to specialists or other providers, it makes it so much easier for continuity of care when they have access to your complete set of records.

Getting Copies of Your Medical Records

Getting copies of your medical records can be time consuming and very confusing if you have never done so before. However, there is a way to take the worries away! Rely on Order Medical Records to do the work for you! Getting your medical records is easy with the help of Order Medical Records. We are experienced in medical records retrieval and management with over 26 years in the industry. It takes little time to fill out the online request for medical information. Give us a call at 714 559-3071 if you have any further questions or speak with us directly!

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