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Should I Get a Paper or Digital Copy of my Medical Records in Miami Beach FL?

Should I Get a Paper or Digital Copy of my Medical Records in Miami Beach FL?

It’s often a challenge when deciding whether you want a paper or digital copy of something. If you went (or are currently in) college, you might have struggled to decide whether to save money and go electronic with the textbooks you needed for your classes or go traditional with regular books you can feel and hold in your hands – but spend more for them. Some people just prefer a real copy; others prefer to keep their books, documents, paperwork, and the like on a technological device.

When it comes to your Miami Beach, FL medical records, though, should you go digital or stick with the paper? Like with anything else that has both a digital and a paper option, there are pros and cons to choosing either. We’ll help guide you as you decide whether you want an electronic or mailed copy of your medical records in Florida.

Paper vs Electronic Medical Records

As you probably imagined, an electronic medical record is quicker to get your hands on as there’s no need to wait for snail mail. So, if you happen to be in a bit of a time crunch, this would be your best option. However, keep in mind that even if you go the electronic route, getting your copy can still take weeks as there’s a process to getting approval from your doctor and then eventually receiving your copy.

Going for the electronic option also has the potential to save you some money. Again, there’s no mailing involved, so you won’t have to worry about the costs of getting your document printed, let alone, getting it shipped out to you.

However, when it comes to paper records, some people find them to be better. A paper copy for some folks is easier to read and interact with. Those who prefer a paper copy might also prefer it because digital devices are prone to be stolen or hacked into and, thus, risk confidential information getting stolen like a digital file of your medical records.

On the flip side, electronic medical records can be viewed on multiple devices and can be conveniently carried you just about anywhere. In addition, they’re better for the environment. You’re also more likely have a digital copy of your medical records on hand than a paper copy when, say, you end up unexpectedly in the emergency room.

Get a Copy of Your Miami Beach FL Medical Records

In the end, choosing between a digital or a paper copy of your Miami Beach, Florida medical records is completely all up to you. It’s a matter of what you’re willing to spend, how soon you want your copy to arrive, how you want to read your records, and what’s easier and more convenient for you personally. Or, you can get both!

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