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Sending your Child to Kindergarten? Check Their Vaccines

Sending your Child to Kindergarten? Check Their VaccinesYou’ve been there from the beginning. From that first faint line on your pregnancy test, to dragging that huge belly to work, to enduring an intense labor, to seemingly endless midnight nursing sessions, to wiping thousands of boogers, to teaching him or her to walk, to teaching him or her how to speak, to patiently listening to his or her imaginative stories… you’ve seen it all. There have been so many highs and lows, but you know in your heart that every moment of struggle has been worth it. As soon as they jump into the pool, straight your arms, or plant a big kiss on your lips right before they snuggle into their blankets to go to sleep… all of the hard times just fade away.

So the first day of kindergarten arrives. Wow, where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that you were bringing your little bundle of joy home from the hospital. What happened to the days of breastfeeding and purees, crawling, baby swings, and the infant swings at the playground?

Making the transition of having your child at home full time (or part time if he or she attended preschool) to sending him or her to kindergarten can be an incredibly emotional time. But it’s also a time to celebrate! Many parents argue that the years before a child begins school are the most challenging. Though the school-aged years will present their own highs and lows, the seemingly endless night wakings are very likely over by the time they turn 5 and are ready for school.

But before the big day comes, make sure your child is as ready as possible. Talk about going to school with him or her, and listen to their fears and hopes for kindergarten. Encourage them to get excited—tell them about how they’ll meet lots of new friends, how much they will like their teacher, and how fun learning will be. Focusing on the positive will hopefully alleviate any anxiety he or she may be filling, and it will probably help with yours, too.

Besides getting an Elmo backpack, lots of pencils and notebooks, and new school clothes, there should be one more important item on your pre-kindergarten To Do list:

Make sure he or she has had all of the necessary vaccines.

There’s only one way to be absolutely certain of this—acquire their medical records and review them carefully. Thankfully this doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process—just use Order Medical Records. At the top right hand side of our homepage, click “Order Now” to begin immediately, or feel free to give us a call at 714 559-3071 for personalized service over the phone.

At Order Medical Records, we understand the urgency of gaining access to your son or daughter’s medical records before they begin kindergarten. Vaccines are an essential part of any healthy child’s healthcare, and we want to make sure you have the information you need to send your child to kindergarten without having to worry about their vaccine status.

It’s fast, easy, and completely affordable, thanks to Order Medical Records.

Oh and by the way—congratulations on raising a fantastic kid. He or she will do great in kindergarten and beyond! 

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