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Secure Copies of Vaccination Records Now with OMR

Order Medical Records makes it easy to retrieve the records you and your kids may need for work, travel, or school

Secure Copies of Vaccination Records Now with OMR Vaccination records are required for all kinds of activities. For example, you might need to prove you’ve been vaccinated against certain illnesses to travel abroad, or you might need to secure your kids’ vaccination records in order to enroll them in school. By securing copies of vaccination records now, you can rest assured that you will have them on hand if and when you need them.

Doctors Don’t Keep Vaccination Records Forever

Many vaccinations are given in infancy or childhood, and by the time you realize that you need copies of these records, they will be long gone from the files of the doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital where you received the shots. If you’re lucky, your parents will have kept your immunization records for you, perhaps in a baby book or in a safe deposit box with other important papers like your birth certificate. If you can’t find your records, you’ll be stuck. You’ll have to either get re-vaccinated or get blood work to prove your immunity.
You have a better chance of being able to retrieve vaccinations given more recently. Order Medical Records can help you with this process by contacting the doctor or clinic that administered the vaccinations. Once we retrieve the records, we can send them to you or forward them to another party on your behalf.

OMR Can Retrieve Records from Anywhere in the World

Maybe your kids were born abroad, or maybe you received immunizations while on an overseas assignment with the military. Either way, OMR can help you get the records you need. We can retrieve records from anywhere in the world, and our expert translation staff will make sure that the content of the records gets translated into English so that the relevant doctors or authorities can use them.

Get Your Records and Your Kids’ Records

OMR can retrieve medical records for individuals as well as for any family members that they may have custody or guardianship of. As parent, it is very important that you secure copies of your children’s vaccination records now and keep them in a safe place, as your children may need these records later in life.

Get Paper and Electronic Copies

OMR can scan your paper immunization records to create digital copies. We highly recommend that you order both paper and electronic copies of your vaccination records, as this will help hedge your bets against the risk of either type of record being lost or damaged over the course of the years.

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