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Release of Medical Information

Release of Medical Information

Many times you are the only person allowed to see your medical records or information. Your health care providers usually communicate with you about your medical treatments, lab results, or progress. Due to HIPAA laws and regulations, health care providers must keep your medical information secure and private. Health care providers are only allowed to release your medical information to individuals who are directly involved in your healthcare. These entities may include other providers, pharmacists, health care billing department, and your insurance provider. However, there may be specific people in your life that you may want to release your medical and health information to. In order for your medical provider to do this, you will be required to sign a release of information form. Without signing this form, your provider will not be able to share your medical information with your significant other or your family.

What is a release of medical information form?

A release of information form allows a patient access to their own medical records and allows them to control who the information can be released to. These forms are usually HIPAA medical release forms that require the patient to sign, allowing other individuals or organizations to have access to the patient’s personal medical records, medical history and health information.

A release of information form will include a place for the patient’s name, to help identify the patient, along with the patient’s date of birth. They form may also ask for the patient’s social security number, address, and telephone number. The form may also require the patient to select which type of medical record to release and to who this information is to be released to. The form requires the signature of the patient to verify that they are coherently and voluntarily releasing their medical information to the individual or business.

How Order Medical Records helps

Order Medical Records can help you with releasing your medical information to people you identify. We will simply have you complete the release of information form. Then we will get to work to ensure that we release your information appropriately to the individual you would like to receive your information. Whether the individual is your spouse, daughter, son, father, mother, or someone else, we will work with you to make the process painless. We will only release your information once we have your written consent through a release of information form authorizing a provider to release copies of your records. Trust that we take your medical information seriously and abide by all HIPAA regulations. Give us a call today at 714 559-3071!

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