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OMR helps corporations, insurance agents and attorneys retrieve medical records

Partner with Order Medical RecordsAt Ordermedicalrecords.com, we’ve been in the medical records retrieval business for the past 20 years. During that time we’ve developed expert processes to ensure the secure, private, and timely transfer of medical records in paper and digital format. We understand the needs of insurance agents, attorneys, and corporations and we can assist your business with all your medical records retrieval tasks. Here’s what to expect if you partner with us.

Convenient Medical Record Ordering Process

Requesting medical records from us is easy. All you have to do is call or use our convenient online order form to initiate the process. We’ll follow up on your request by sending out a certified field agent to visit the medical office, hospital or records storage facility where the data is being kept and retrieve the exact records you need. Because you don’t have to retrieve the records in person, you can spend more time focusing on other tasks, such as building your case if you’re an attorney or reviewing claims if you’re an insurance agent.

Bulk Ordering

Because OMR has qualified field agents strategically located throughout the country, we can handle the kinds of big medical records orders that corporations often need to place. Whether you need to collect a nationwide sample for a pharmaceutical case study or require complete medical histories for all your employees, we can get the job done quickly and confidentially.

Fast Results

At OMR, we know that attorneys and insurance agents often face deadlines in their work. You can rely on our field agents to get you the records you need to make or break your case in a timely and efficient manner. We can return the records directly to you or to the authorized party of your designation.

Paper or Digital Records

You get to choose whether you want to receive the medical records in paper or digital format. Either method could have advantages for a business. For example, maybe as a self-funded healthcare provider you need paper copies of employee health records to keep in your filing system, or maybe as a corporation conducting a study you need digital copies in order to extract relevant data more efficiently. The choice is yours. You can expect the same high-quality, legible records copies either way.

Commitment to Privacy

OMR is fully compliant with all HIPAA requirements. Our field agents are trained in confidentiality and privacy protocols, and we also make sure all digital records transfers are done in a secure and encrypted environment.


If you have any reason at all for medical records to be retrieved on your behalf, we want to partner with you! We invite all corporations, insurance agents, and attorneys to contact us to learn more about the process.

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