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Ordering Medical Records in Dallas TX is Easier Than You Think! Here’s How the Process Works

Ordering Medical Records in Dallas TX is Easier Than You Think! Here's How the Process Works

It’s exciting when one finds out for the first time that they can order medical records online for themselves or for someone else as their personal representative. Although, you may assume the process to obtain them will be lengthy and grueling. Medical records are legal documents after all. Plus, there’s a first time for everything – including ordering these records online.

But would if we told you that ordering medical records in Dallas, Texas is actually much easier and quicker than you might have ever imagined? Yep, you read that correctly!

Let us guide you through the process in six easy steps.

  1. Fill Out a Quick Form on Our Website.
  2. Here at Order Medical Records, we have a very easy-to-fill-out, online form that will take an average of three minutes to complete. We require information about the patient and doctor. In addition, we ask how many years you’d like the records to go back and the method of delivery you require (e.g., paper delivery only, online download only, etc.). Bulk records are also available as an option. Finally, we ask for billing information. Before medical records can be requested and sent out to you, upfront payment is required.
  3. Give Us Time to Request the Medical Records.
  4. Once we’ve received your form response, and all information appears accurate, we’ll then send a notification to the associated medical professional for the records. In the state of Texas, medical records must be provided within 15 business days after receiving the request and payment.
  5. Follow Up with Your Doctor.
  6. If applicable, you may need to follow up with the associated doctor via a phone call, e-mail, etc. to ensure the records will soon be available.
  7. We’ll Then Scan a Copy of the Records.
  8. Once the doctor gives the okay to copy the records, we’ll contact a certified field agent to scan them for you.
  9. Our Team Will Review the Medical Records.
  10. Post-scanning the records, our team will review them to verify that everything appears accurate. Once we’re done performing a quality check, we’ll send you an e-mail once the medical records are available.
  11. Review the Physical or Digital Copy of the Records!
  12. All that’s left to do is to view either the physical or digital copy of the records, depending on the delivery method you opted for. If you’re ever unsure about the contents in your or your loved one’s records, always consult the associated doctor.

Do you have any questions regarding the ordering process? Call our team at Our Medical Records today at 714 559-3071.

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