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Ordering a Copy of Your Medical Records is Affordable in Bellevue WA

Ordering a Copy of Your Medical Records is Affordable in Bellevue WA

Nobody is made of money (a sad but true reality). This is especially true during a pandemic that has lasted well over a year. Not to mention, it’s tax season, so there’s another reason to fret about all things finance right now.

Given your current stance on your finances, you might also be concerned about how much it might cost to get your hands on a copy of your own medical records in the state of Washington. Before you assume the costs will be too high, read on to find out the true answer.

How Much is it to Order Your Medical Records?

To be frank with you, it can cost different amounts to order a copy of your medical records. The cost depends on who you go through to order your copy, how many copies you wish to opt for, and what delivery method you prefer (i.e., paper, digital, etc.).

From the Order Medical Records website, our most basic medical record copy is currently $34.99. You have the option to pay more if you wish to upgrade your delivery method option, pay for faster shipping, and the like. However, even with these extras, you can rest assured that receiving a copy of your medical records isn’t so expensive after all. What a beautiful thing to realize!

Get Your Order in Today

It’s so exciting to learn that ordering a copy of your medical records doesn’t have to cost a ridiculous amount of money after all. This is quite surprising for many people, but it’s a good surprise, of course.

If you want the lowest rates, though, you’re going to want to place your order with Order Medical Records as soon as you can. You can send in your request for your copy by filling out our online form here on our website. Don’t worry – ordering online through us is very safe, convenient, and quick. But if you prefer to order a different way, you can contact us by phone at 714 559-3071, and we can assist you from here.

All in all, ordering a copy of your medical records doesn’t cost much, so what do you have to lose? What’s your current excuse for not getting your hands on your records? You deserve to know what’s contained within them; we all do!

Speak with our medical record team today for more information on requesting our company. Again, our phone number is 714 559-3071.

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