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Order Your Medical Records in Las Vegas NV Over the Phone

Order Your Medical Records in Las Vegas NV Over the Phone

Not everyone trusts the internet. With scams, viruses, hackers, and the like, it’s no wonder that so many people of all different ages and backgrounds are skeptical of some of the things they see, read, and interact with online. Not to mention, some people just don’t feel safe when it comes to filling out forms on the internet, for fear that the sensitive information, like their social security number or their credit card information, that they submit might accidentally land in someone else’s hands who shouldn’t be having that information. It’s too scary to even fathom, but things like this do happen.

So, then, how can you order your medical records safely without threat of potentially getting your personal information stolen from a hacker online? It’s easy: order from Order Medical Records over the phone.

Order Medical Records is Flexible with Methods of Requesting Medical Records

We totally get the latter concerns, which is why our company allows you to not only order a copy of your Nevada medical records on our website but also over the phone as an alternative. Not to mention, we have had customers who don’t have access to internet at all or at the time they wish to request their medical records. We also have had customers who do have access to a technological device as well as to internet but due to a disability or impairment are unable to fill out the request form on our website.

All these reasons are exactly why our team is proud to be able to offer over-the-phone service to request a copy of your medical records. Versatility is important to us, and we wish nothing more than to provide a comfortable, convenient medical record request experience that gives everyone any equal opportunity.

Contact Our Team Today Over the Phone

Do you wish to place a request for your medical records in Nevada over the phone instead of on the internet? We would love to help you out! Our team is very patient, so take your time with making sure that the information you tell us is correct and up to date. Correct information is required for a medical record request to be approved of.

Please give us a call today at 714 559-3071 to get your request submitted. Feel free to shoot us with any questions via the phone while we’re helping you prepare your medical record copy request form, and we’d be happy to answer.

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