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Order Your Medical Records Easily

Order Your Medical Records Easily

There are various reasons why you may need copies of your medical records. You could be moving away and looking for a new doctor. Maybe you are traveling out of the country and would like to take copies of your medical records with you. Perhaps want copies for your own files or you might be compiling a family medical history. Whatever your needs may be, obtaining copies of your medical records may not always be as easy as you think.

The Hard Way of Getting Your Medical Records

When you need to get copies of your medical records using the traditional route, you will typically first call your medical facility. It will probably take a few minutes before someone from the medical office is able to help you with your request. The person will ask you some questions to get basic information, such as your name, date of birth, your physician, and dates of services. A few days pass by and you don’t hear anything, so you give them a call back. During the call, you are asked to hold again and told they’re somewhat behind on processing copies of medical records. You are told once again they will call you back when your copies are ready. After more days go by, you call again, get put on hold, and finally they have your copies ready to be picked up.

After work, you fight traffic to get to your medical office before it closes and hurry to get your records. When you get into the office, there are many patients in the waiting room and you’re asked to take a seat by the office assistants. After several minutes, they finally bring out copies of your medical records to you. You are also given a bill to compensate the office for the paper and time it took to make you copies of your records.

This sounds so hard. You’re probably thinking, there must be an easier way!

The Easy Way of Getting Your Medical Records

Fortunately, there is Order Medical Records to make obtaining your medical records so much easier! Order Medical Records makes the whole ordering process of your records simple, quick, and stress free! You can easily complete the online ordering form in less than 5 minutes online. You don’t have to call and be put on hold at all!

Once you submit the request from a convenient time and place for you, our professional record retrieval specialists will do the hard work for you! Our team will contact your doctor’s office and get copies of the medical records. We will then send you your copies in the way you prefer – digitally or mail. You never have to leave the house to obtain copies you records!

Trust Order Medical Records to get your medical records. Our team of experts is trained in all your record retrieval needs and are up to date on the latest HIPAA regulations and guidelines. We provide fast and affordable medical record retrieval services and the best customer service! Visit us online at Order Medical Records to get started today!

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