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Order Medical Records in Real World Situations

Order Medical Records in Real World SituationsHave you ever heard the saying that you never realize you’re missing something until you really need it? The same can be said for your medical records. There are certain instances where you really need copies of them, but find yourself across the state, country or globe and simply cannot fathom how you will obtain them. That is where Order Medical Records comes into the picture. We can track down and secure copies of your medical records in almost any situation.

Moving Out of Town, State, or Country

If you are moving out of the town, state or country, you will need to secure copies of your medical records to pass them along to your new physician. However, during the stress of moving you might forget to gather these files before you leave. Instead of fussing with the medical record retrieval process from across the state, country or globe, simply employ Order Medical Records to help. We will rely on our network of HIPAA compliant record retrieval specialists to obtain you and your family’s medical records and forward them along to you or your new doctor.

Changing Doctor

This scenario is similar to the one above. Whether you move out of town or simply want to change doctors for another reason, Order Medical Records is here to help. If you are having issues with a current doctor, it can be awkward discussing why you are leaving and then asking for your records. If this makes you uncomfortable, Order Medical Records can retrieve copies of your medical records for you.

Past Military Duty

Past and present members of the military travel all over the country and world. If you were in and out of hospitals and doctors, both civilian and military during your time of service it can be very hard and time consuming to track down all of your medical records. With Order Medical Records, simply provide us the information and we will rely on our extensive network to secure the medical records that you need copies of.

Traveling Abroad

When you are traveling abroad there is the possibility of finding yourself in an emergency situation related to your health. Thankfully with Order Medical Records, no matter where you are, we can locate and deliver your medical records to you. If you find yourself in a foreign country needing your medical records to get a doctor up to date in a foreign country, Order Medical Records can help.

Do You Need to Utilize the Services of Order Medical Records?

If you find yourself in any of the situations above and are wondering how you can get your hands on copies of your medical records, Order Medical Records can help! We have over 30 years of experience in the medical record retrieval and management industry and can get you the documents you need in no time at all! Simply fill out an order form online at Order Medical Records and let us do the rest of the work for you!

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