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Order Medical Records Makings Obtaining Copies of Medical Records Easy

There are many reasons why you may need copies of your medical records. Maybe you’re moving out of state and need to forward the files to your new physician. Perhaps you are seeing a specialist and they’ve requested your past medical records. You could also just want to change doctors for some reason and know that your new office will want access to your past medical history and records. Or, you might be compiling a family medical history. Whatever the reason you need to obtain copies of medical records, the process might not be as simple as you think.

Obtaining Medical Records: The Old Way

Typically when you need to obtain copies of medical records, the first step is to call the medical facility where they are being housed. After waiting on hold for what could feel like hours, you put your request in. They take your information down and say they’ll call you when the copies are ready. Days go by and you don’t hear back, so you call again, wait on hold again, and are told that they’re a bit backlogged but they’ll call you soon when the copies are ready. More days go by and you call again. After waiting on hold once again, they say the records will be ready that afternoon.

So, you drive there after work and battle traffic, find a parking spot and then hurry into the office before they closed. There are patients in the waiting room and you’re told to take a seat. Finally, they bring copies of your records over, along with a bill that you need to pay to compensate them for the paper and time it took to make the copies.

Sounds like a pain, doesn’t it?

Obtaining Medical Records: The New Way

Thankfully, Order Medical Records makes the entire ordering process simple, quick, and stress free! You can easily submit your request for medical records right online. That’s right, there’s no picking up the phone and waiting on hold!

Then, once you submit the request from the comfort of your own home—in your pajamas if you’d like!—our professional record retrieval specialists will contact your doctor’s office and obtain copies of the records you’ve requested. The files will then be delivered to you in the format that you requested, which means that you don’t ever need to leave the house to obtain copies of the records.

Trust Order Medical Records with Your Record Retrieval Needs

The great thing about Order Medical Records is that we train all of our record retrieval specialists in the latest HIPAA regulations and guidelines, ensuring that your information stays secure and confidential. We provide fast and affordable medical record retrieval services that are backed with high-quality customer service. If you are ready to get started with the process, simply visit us online at Order Medical Records!

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