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Order Medical Record Offers Assistance to Corporations

Order Medical Record Offers Assistance to CorporationsTracking down medical records can either run smoothly, or be one of the most frustrating situations that you experience. If medical record retrieval is not your businesses core competency, then you might find yourself on the frustrating side of things. Thankfully, Order Medical Records is here to offer our retrieval services and save you from the hassle. Instead of spending hours on the phone tracking down the files you need, just give us a call and we’ll get to work for you! We offer the following services to businesses:

Record R2etrieval Services

At the core of our business is the retrieval of medical records. If your company has any reason for medical records to be retrieved, Order Medical Records can help! Whether you are fighting fraudulent worker’s compensation claims or investigating disability claims, Order Medical Records has our core competency rooted in medical record retrieval. We would be happy to help you locate the records you seek.

Self-Funded Health Care Employers

If your company is a self-funded health care provider, you will want to make sure that you have accurate medical data on all of your employees. That means tracking down their previous doctors and securing the information that you are looking for. However, this can be a lengthy, costly process for your company to embark on. If you would like assistance, Order Medical Records can track down your employee’s past medical history for you, and make things run much smoother.

Expanding Your Business

At Order Medical Records, we are always looking for opportunities for expansion and/or partners. If you have your own release of information or medical record retrieval services and are looking to expand or partner with a larger company, we would love to hear more about your opportunity! We happily consider all expansion and partnership proposals, and your company could benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a medical record retrieval industry leader.

Pharmaceutical Studies

Another area where Order Medical Records looks to leave a footprint, is in medical case studies. We partner with organizations that are working on pharmaceutical case studies to make sure that they have the information necessary. At Order Medical Records, we work to gather the medical information and data that is required in the study, so that you can concentrate on analysis and other important case study findings. Let us take care of the menial tasks, while you make astounding discoveries!

Let Order Medical Records Help Your Organization Today!

The medical record retrieval industry might seem simple, but it is anything but. You might struggle to find the records you are seeking, or become frustrated with the different procedures that each medical facility follows. It’s not uncommon to find yourself spending hours on the phone to locate the right files. With Order Medical Records, we take care of the menial and time consuming task of locating medical records so that you can focus on your businesses core competency. If you’re interested in learning more, just give us a call at 714 559-3071!

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