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“Why Would I Need Copies of My Medical Records?” and More Frequently Asked Questions Answered

“Why Would I Need Copies of My Medical Records?” and More Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Medical records are a complicated subject. Thankfully, Order Medical Records is here to answer you frequently asked questions regarding these documents.

Why would I need copies of my medical records?

There are actually several reasons that you might need copies of your medical records. If you switch doctors, whether you’re moving or simply want to switch to a different doctor, your new physician will want a copy of your medical records. Compiling a family medical history might also require obtaining accurate records. Finally, medical records are often used as evidence in legal cases involving injury, so you might need to obtain copies to pursue legal matters.

Can I get the original medical records?

No, you cannot get the original medical records. The originals are actually the property of the physician. You are, however, entitled to copies of your medical records. You can also view your medical records and request amendments if you do not agree with their contents.

Why do I have to pay for copies of medical records?

Medical offices get many requests for medical records and sometimes these consist of hundreds of pages. The law dictates that medical offices are allowed to charge a reasonable fee for copying medical records to cover the cost of paper, ink, etc.

What if I can’t get in touch with my doctor to get medical records?

The whole process of ordering medical records can be time consuming and frustrating. You have to wait on hold, wait in traffic, and wait in line. It’s frustrating, but there are some instances where you have no choice but to obtain the requested records so you must deal with the hassle.

Is there someone who can help me through the process of obtaining copies of medical records?

If you don’t want to struggle through the process of obtaining medical records on your own, you can turn to the experts at Order Medical Records. Our global team is skilled and trained to obtain copies of your medical records quickly and efficiently.

For All Your Medical Record Retrieval Needs, Contact Order Medical Records for Help!

Whatever your reason behind needing copies of your medical records, Order Medical Records can help you out. Since 1993, we’ve been helping people obtain copies of their medical records and we’d be happy to offer you assistance as well. We all know that the process to obtain records can be frustrating and time consuming, so let the experts at Order Medical Records help out.

Our ordering process is as simple as 1-2-3 and can be completed online from the comfort of your home in as little as five minutes. Whether you are switching physicians, looking to compile a family medical history, or need them as evidence in a lawsuit, trust Order Medical Records to get the job done in a timely and affordable manner.

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