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Military Medical Record Retrieval Online

Are you a former or current member of the American armed forces? Whether you are or were part of the military, army, air force, or navy, we at Order Medical Records thank you for your dedicated service.

Military Medical Record Retrieval OnlineIf you need to get ahold of your military medical records, there’s no simpler and more effective way than to use Order Medical Records. We’ve successfully acquired and distributed many medical records to current and former members of the armed forces over the years, so you can definitely depend on us to fulfill your medical record needs online.

Having a full and complete copy of your medical records, including both civilian and military medical records, is incredibly important. But considering the prospect of tracking down your medical records from both civilian and military entities can seem daunting. You should spend your precious free time dealing with hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other medical record keeping facilities. Go enjoy some time with your family and friends – you definitely deserve it! – and let Order Medical Records take care of all the hassle involved in acquiring your medical records.

Our medical record specialists utilize a proprietary database that includes information about retrieving medical records from thousands of institutions across the country. We can secure all kinds of medical records from any office or facility, including VA hospitals, without you having to lift a finger.

Have you served overseas? No problem. We have in-house translation services that ensure your records are ready to be studied by your current physician.

What’s great about using Order Medical Records is that you can choose which format you’d like your medical records to be delivered in (digital file or paper hard copy file) and who you’d like the medical records to be sent to (you, a hospital, a loved one, a specialist, etc.).

Requesting records directly through the military often means that you’ll receive a bulky hard copy, but when you use Order Medical Records, our expert staff will gladly digitize your medical records for you, so you won’t have to lug around any huge stacks of paper.

Not only can Order Medical Records handle the retrieval of all medical records, we can also assist with the retrieval of DD214 forms, which are the official certificates of release from active duty that are frequently required for essential benefits like VA disability, VA home loans, GI Bill tuition, government employment priority, and a military funeral/burial.

Learn more about the services we offer here at Order Medical Records by clicking around this blog and the rest of the website. Also don’t hesitate to give us a call at 714 559-3071 or email sales@datafied.com if you have any questions or concerns about your or your loved one’s military record retrieval needs.

Whenever you’re request your military medical records here. The form only takes a couple minutes to fill out, but you’ll enjoy a lifetime of peace when you know that your medical records are only a few clicks of a mouse away.

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