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Medical Records Retrieval Made Easier By Contacting Us

Posted on December 6, 2019
Medical Records Retrieval Made Easier By Contacting Us

Medical records contain information on your past medical history. It’s not always an easy task in obtaining your medical records without assistance. If you try to retrieve your medical records by yourself, it can be a confusing process. Traditionally, you will have to contact all of the providers and doctor’s offices you have gone to in the past. You will have to speak with multiple people and keep up with the different ways each office handles patients requesting copies of their medical records. Each provider and office will have their own way of conducting the process, making it very difficult. Not only is it hard, it takes a lot of time to get copies of medical records if you do not have time to be on top of the process. You typically will have to call each office multiple times to get the appropriate medical records. However, you don’t have to suffer through this process. There is a solution!

Our team

Our team at Order Medical Records are experts in medical record retrieving. We hire professionals who are familiar with the process of getting copies of medical records. Our team also uses the most up to date technology to order medical records and track the process. You are able to look in the process of exactly where your medical records are. You can submit your order online here, to have our experts start on the process. We follow up with your doctor in 3 to 4 days to make sure your records are available and ready for us to scan. We also have a quality control team to review your records to ensure your medical records are accurate. Once your records are ready for you, we will send you an email. The email will outline different ways you can choose to receive your copies of your medical records. Your records can be downloaded securely online or shipped out overnight.

Contact Order Medical Records

How can you contact us? There are various ways you can reach out to our team at Order Medical Records. You can inquire online by using our online form. You can access it by clicking here. Once you fill out the form, one of our team members will contact you within 24 hours. The online form asks for your first and last name, a telephone number, an email, and your question or inquiry. You can complete the online inquiry by submitting the form. However, if you do not feel comfortable placing an online inquiry, you can email us at sales@datafied.com. We will reply to your email as soon as we can. You can also reach out to us by giving us a call at 714 559-3071 about your questions and request.

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