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Medical Records 101

Medical Records 101School is back in session. That’s evident by the school buses back on the road and the cool fall weather that has begun to settle in. While some might not miss the days of heading back to school, others might be jealous their learning has stopped. Well, in honor of school being back in session, Order Medical Records is bringing you Medical Records 101, a short refresher course on what medical records are, and how you can obtain them when you need.

Module 1 – What are medical records?

Medical records are a compilation of all of your medical information throughout your life. From birth, your doctor’s visits are all documented. That includes minor occurrences like visiting the doctor with the flu, to major surgeries that required months of rehab. In addition, medical records have blood test and other diagnostic test records in there. Each of your doctors will keep their own set of records, so it is possible to have many sets of medical records floating around.

Module 2 – Why do you need medical records?

Medical records contain every piece of information about your medical past. If you think about it, that information is invaluable as you grow older.  A slight lump in your neck might mean something else entirely if your doctor knew you had a form of cancer when you were an infant. If you have a family history of melanoma, that new mole on your back might also spark a more instant reaction. In order for your doctor to provide the best care possible, they need all of the information to help make informed decisions. That is why it is important to be able to access your medical records, and why laws dictate that medical facilities must hold on to records for a certain period of time.

Module 3 – How can you get copies of your medical records?

Now that you know the importance of medical records, do you want to know how to get them? They can generally be obtained from your doctor, but the process can be quite frustrating and often involves trips to the doctor. If you’ve moved, this makes it even more difficult. Thankfully, there are companies out there like Order Medical Records that will track down and obtain copies of your medical records for you. At Order Medical Records, our process is simple and timely. You can even specify in what format you would like the records delivered, which makes it that much more convenient.

Times is up. Put your pencils down…

Do you want to know why you can put your pencils down? It’s because with Order Medical Records you don’t actually need to fill out physical forms. That’s right. With Order Medical Records, you can submit everything right online from the comfort of your own home. We even deliver your records there, so the whole process can be done in your pajamas! If you are looking to obtain copies of your medical records, let Order Medical Records help! Simply visit Order Medical Records to submit your order. Then you can sit back, relax and wait for your medical records to be delivered to you.

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