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Medical Records 101 – What You Need to Know About the Ordering Process

Medical Records 101 – What You Need to Know About the Ordering Process

The medical industry is very convoluted and can be difficult to comprehend. If you’ve heard people talking about medical records or charts, here’s a quick refresher on what medical records are, why you might need them, and how you can get access to them.

What are medical records?

Medical records, also known as medical charts, are a complete record of your health history. They cover everything from diagnoses and medications to immunization dates, lab tests and results, and types of allergies. Basically, these documents contain all of the doctor’s notes and observations, as well as any tests and results, for every visit throughout your lifetime.

Why would I ever need my medical records?

There are actually many reasons why you might need copies of your medical records. These include seeing a new general physician, moving, creating a family medical history, or seeing a new specialist. Doctors like to have as much information as possible to help them give you excellent care and that means reviewing your past medical history. To do this accurately, they will need your medical records.

Am I entitled to copies of my medical records?

Yes, you are entitled to copies of your medical records. HIPAA states that everyone can request and receive copies of their medical records. That means no matter what doctor you’ve seen, you can request copies of your patient records.

Why should I have to pay for copies of my medical records?

The sad truth is that many practices get too many requests for medical records and don’t have time. Consider the fact that the administrative staff is fielding phone calls, dealing with patients in the office, talking on the phone with insurance companies, conducting scheduling reminders, completing billing tasks and more, and you’ll quickly realize why they might not have time to process every record request and stand by the copier making copies for you. That’s why many physicians contract with outside parties to do this work for them. At Order Medical Records, we’ll work with your physician to ensure that you get the records you need.

Can I get the original files instead?

Unfortunately, the original files are the property of the attending physician. So, while you are entitled to receive copies of your medical records, you have no claim to the original files.

Are you ready to order your medical records?

At Order Medical Records, the process is extremely simple. You just provide some basic information about the physician and your contact information and let us do the rest. Plus, you can do everything right online from the comfort of your own home! Everything from the delivery method—digital download, paper copies, etc.—to the speed—rush orders are available for a small fee—is up to you, but we do all the work. If you’re ready to order copies of your medical records, visit us online at website today!

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