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Is it Possible to Still Order Medical Records if My Doctor is Retired in Fishers IN?

Posted on July 7, 2020
Is it Possible to Still Order Medical Records if My Doctor is Retired in Fishers IN?

Ordering a copy of your medical records can be beneficial for many reasons. Health is wealth, as they always say, and having your medical records on file can most definitely help you achieve better overall health in the long run.

It’s nice to know what’s written within your records to help verify the truth of what’s contained within them so that you can receive the most applicable medical treatment in the future. Likewise, being aware of your medical history can help you improve your own health as you’re more aware of your personal medical needs. Not to mention, having your very own copy already in your hands can help your doctor best treat or diagnose you in the case of an emergency where knowing your medical history would be urgent.

Sounds great, right? You might be on-board with ordering a copy of your medical records, but wait, you find out that your doctor is retired. So, then you wonder whether or not you can still get your copy. That’s an understandable concern to have, but no worries – we have some answers for you!

Yes, You Can Still Get a Copy of Your Medical Records, Even if Your Doctor is Retired

Good news! You don’t have to rely on your doctor’s current work status in order to get your hands on a copy of your medical records.

Whether your doctor is actively working, not currently taking patients, or has retired completely, your records will still be available and maintained by your doctor’s office. You can still retrieve a copy of you records, even if you are no longer seeing the current doctor whom you wish to receive medical records from.

Request Your Copy Today from the Order Medical Records Website

You deserve the right to know what information your medical records consist of. You also deserve to be able to have a copy of your records on file just ‘cause or as an extra safety precaution if something medical were to happen to you in the future. It’s your medical history and your decision if you wish to have a copy of such.

If you’re interested in requesting a copy of your medical records, even if your doctor is in active retirement, you can do so straight from our website. We offer a quick, easy, and user-friendly interface for ordering your copy.

Dial 714 559-3071 of you have questions about ordering your records.

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