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How your Family Benefits from using Order Medical Records

Posted on May 16, 2016

How your Family Benefits from using Order Medical RecordsOrder Medical Records is an excellent resource for families because:

  • We make ordering medical records easy. It’s your one-stop-shop for all your medical record requests for the whole family.
  • Our payment policies are straight-forward and don’t have any hidden fees.
  • We’re a well-established, trusted company that always keeps your medical data safe and secure.
  • You can make sure you and your family is always prepared for a move, medical emergency, or travel abroad when you keep your full medical records on-hand thanks to Order Medical Records.
  • We can get medical records from anywhere – private, public, and even military medical facilities.
  • Never have to waste time filling out endless forms at medical offices again. Simply provide your full, complete medical records anytime you visit a new medical office and you’ll be good to go. Save time and hassle with the help of Order Medical Records!
  • Change doctors and health insurance providers with complete ease. Now there’s no need to waste time running all over town trying to get ahold of important medical records – just use Order Medical Records and within a few minutes, you’re done. Use your valuable time for something more interesting or fun when you use Order Medical Records.
  • Our medical record retrieval experts have been pre-screened and trained. They are highly accurate medical data retrieval specialists who will efficiently work to obtain your complete medical records. Much sooner than you would ever think is possible, you’ll have your full medical records on-hand. Save so much time and hassle when you use Order Medical Records for all your medical record needs.
  • Does someone in your family have serious allergies? Then having your medical record on-hand at all times could be life-saving. The good news is that with Order Medical Records, it’s easy and totally affordable to always have your son, daughter, or spouse’s complete medical records on-hand 24/7.
  • We’re a well-established company that’s provided over 2 million medical records since 1993. WOW! Rely on Order Medical Records for all your family’s medical records needs today – you’ll be so glad you did.
  • To get started now, all you have to do is fill out our 3-minute safe and secure ordering form here.
  • Getting your family’s essential medical records from Order Medical Records is a simple 6-step process:
  1. Submit your order online or by calling 714 559-3071. It’s fast and easy!
  2. Then we’ll move quickly to request your records from your doctor(s), specialists, and healthcare institutions.  We’ll submit all necessary paperwork and authorization forms on your behalf – you won’t have to worry about handling any of the grunt work.
  3. We’ll follow up in 3-4 days to make sure the records are ready for us to collect and scan – if necessary.
  4. If your medical records are only available in a hard-copy format, we’ll dispatch one of our certified field agents to securely scan your medical records.
  5. All records will go through our quality control check. You’ll receive an email confirmation when this essential step is complete.
  6. Receive your records in whatever format you desire – secure downloadable file or hard-copy delivered via overnight mail.

We look forward to fulfilling all your family’s medical record needs very soon! Please contact us today.

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