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How to Smoothly Switch Doctors

How to Smoothly Switch DoctorsWhen you are switching doctors, some complications might arise. If you are leaving because you are not happy with the services you are being provided, and make that known, tensions can arise. It can also be difficult actually switching between doctors. However, by following these three simple steps, the process becomes much easier to navigate through.

  1. Research & Contact Your New Doctor

  2. Before you formally notify your current doctor that you are switching to another service provider, it is important to make sure that you have another doctor secured. Many doctor’s offices aren’t taking new patients. Even if you’ve found a doctor through your research that seems like a perfect fit, you need to be sure that doctor is taking new patients. Make sure to do thorough research through the internet before selecting a doctor. It’s always a good idea to read reviews from other patients – both the good and bad reviews. Then call the doctor to ensure that they will take you as a new patient, and that your insurance is accepted by them.

  3. Schedule One Last Visit with Your Current Doctor

  4. Once you have selected a new doctor, it is important to have one last follow-up with your current doctor. If you are leaving their practice on a bad note because you do not like the services being provided, it can be a bit more awkward than if you are switching doctors because you are moving. This meeting is important because you will ask for a status report on all of your health conditions and get a final recap. If you wish, you can discuss the reason why you are switching doctors, but you are not required to inform the doctor why you are leaving.

  5. Request Copies of Your Medical Records

  6. Finally, you need to make sure that you obtain copies of your medical records. This information is crucial for your new doctor to have. Medical records are essentially a compilation of your medical history. It details health conditions and medications, past and present. Your new doctor will want to know about your past, as it may help diagnose issues that occur later on in your life. Chances are that you might not remember certain symptoms or past diagnoses as the years go on. Medical records will ensure that your new doctor is prepared for what may come, and allow them to provide the best care possible.

Do You Need Help Obtaining Medical Records?

Obtaining medical records is not always an easy process. Often time doctors make you jump through hoops or request that you fill out numerous forms to obtain your medical records. The process might become a bit more inundated if you are leaving due to a lack of quality service. Thankfully, Order Medical Records can make the process simple for you. You just fill out a quick form that takes less than 5 minutes, designate the format you would like your records delivered in, and Order Medical Records will do the rest. It’s that simple!


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