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How Simple is Our Process for Ordering Medical Records?

There are countless reasons why you’ll find yourself ordering your medical records on any given day.

How Simple is Our Process for Ordering Medical Records?What if you get called into your supervisor’s office and are told that you are being relocated to another state? You will need to request your medical records. What if you are very unhappy with your current physician and determine that you would like to switch to a new doctor? You will need to request your medical records. What if you need to put together your medical history to pass down to your children? You will need to request your medical records. What if your current physician is closing down his practice and you need to find a new doctor?

As you can see, there are many reasons why you might need to order your medical records. The list above is far from all-encompassing as well.

So where do you even start? Well, with Order Medical Records the process is actually quite simple. So simple, that we can walk you through it in a few easy steps.

  1. Visit Our Web Site

  2. First, you’ll need to visit our website to get the process started. This is a pretty simple step when you think about it. You will just need to open up your laptop or use your cell phone and either click this link or enter into your web browser.

  3. Click “Order Now”

  4. The second step entails clicking on the bright orange button that reads “Order Now” and can be found in the top center portion of our homepage. We made it bright orange so that it’s super easy for you to locate!

  5. Enter the Requested Information

  6. This is the most complicated part of the process and we use the term “complicated” very loosely because even this step is very easy to complete. You just need to enter in the information requested. You will need to enter the patient information, such as name, birthdate, social security number, address and contact information. Then you will enter the information of the doctor’s office that you are requesting the medical record from. Finally, you specify a few order-specific details like how you would like materials delivers, how many years you need records for, optional add ins and then your billing information.

  7. Click Submit and Wait!

  8. Yes, once you click submit we will begin processing your order. All that’s left to do is wait until your medical records have been located and copied. Then, they will be delivered to you in whatever manner you specified during the ordering process.

Why Should You Use Order Medical Records for the Process?

Order Medical Records can make a normally frustrating and time consuming process seem much simpler. Instead of repeatedly calling your doctor’s office and driving back and forth while working your way through the process, you can simply submit an order with Order Medical Records and then sit back and relax until we deliver your records. It really is as simple as that!


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