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How OrderMedicalRecords.com Can Benefit Service Members & Their Families

How OrderMedicalRecords.com Can Benefit Service Members & Their FamiliesThose in the military know how important it is to have up to date documentation to not only protect themselves, but also their family members. Whether you are looking for DD214 forms or doctors charts from when you were treated overseas by a doctor, Order Medical Records can complete your medical record retrieval task in a timely and professional manner. We know that time with your loved ones is crucial, so let us take care of the busy, menial work for you!

Aren’t sure what Order Medical Records can do for you? Keep reading for a full list of benefits!

We Can Collect All Types of Records

You know how essential it is to have all of your medical records in their entirety. For you, this involves gathering both civilian and military medical records, which increases the complexity and time requirement of the task. Thankfully, Order Medical Records can retrieve records from any medical facility, whether it is a civilian doctor’s office or a VA Hospital.

Digitization of Files

Often when you request medical documents from the military, you will receive only a paper copy. However, when you employ Order Medical Records to retrieve them for you, we can use our exclusive software to digitize the records for you. This makes storing them much simpler as well.

Worldwide Access

Order Medical Records is able to secure your medical records from anywhere around the world, and provides translation services to ensure that your current doctor will be able to decipher the information you have provided. If you had a surgery while overseas in Germany, don’t worry. Our staff can retrieve the documents and convert them to English!

DD214 Forms

These forms are important to have, especially if you are considering applying for VA home loans, GI Bill tuition, VA disability, or government employment priority. The official certificates signify that you have been released from active duty and are very important to have. If you need yours, Order Medical Records can retrieve it for you. This is also important to consider if you have an aging family member who was in the military, and would like a military funeral or burial. If they do not have their DD214 form, you will need to track it down in order to fulfill their last wishes.

Ease of Transfer

It’s not a secret that military members and their families are frequently moved about the country. When you are transferred to a new city, state or country, chances are that you will need to request and transfer your medical records for you and your family as well. Order Medical Records can ensure that the medical records are retrieved from your old doctor’s office and transferred to the new office that you and your family will be using. We work quickly to ensure that your medical records are there when you need them, ensuring effective and proper care.

No matter what medical record retrieval job you need completed, Order Medical Records can complete it for you. Don’t waste precious time stressing over tracking down old records when we can complete the task for you!

If you’re ready to partner with Order Medical Records, you can order your medical records by submitting an online inquiry here. Call us at 714 559-3071 with any questions, or if you don’t feel comfortable placing your order online. We will be happy to assist you!

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