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How Order Medical Records is Helping Veterans & Military Members

How Order Medical Records is Helping Veterans & Military MembersMembers of the military are constantly moving about and receiving medical attention for one injury or another. It is essential that they keep full medical records from everywhere they are treated. This is often easier said than done, but these files should be tracked down before it becomes too late. Since 1993, Order Medical Records has been a leader in the record retrieval and management industry and can help service members and their families stay on top of their medical records.

At Order Medical Records, we offer assistance to military service members, veterans, ex-patriots and their next of kin, including:

Securing Medical Records

When you are in the military it is always wise to have a complete catalogue of your medical records from both military and civilian doctors. If you are having difficulty tracking everything down, or simply do not have the time to be bothered with it, Order Medical Records can locate and secure medical records from any medical facility or office. This also includes VA hospitals.

Translating Records

Military members travel all across the globe, which means that you are bound to get some files in alternate languages. With our translation services, you can be sure that your current physician will be able to read the records in their entirety to get up to speed.

Digitizing Medical Records

Medical offices are constantly shredding old paper documents as they slide past the retention period required by law. You don’t want to lose medical records, so let Order Medical Records track them down for you. We can also digitize records to make them easier to store, transfer and sort through. Digitizing can also protect your medical records from damage in a fire or natural disaster.

Transferring Medical Records

As you move throughout the country – or world – during your time in the service, you will need to change doctors not just for you, but also for your family. Your new physician will need the most updated and accurate medical records. Order Medical Records can locate your old medical records and work to ensure that your new physician will receive these files as quickly as possible.

Retrieving DD214 Forms

DD214 forms are often required to prove your release from active duty when you are applying for benefits like VA home loans, VA disability, military funeral/burial, and GI Bill tuition. Often these can be hard to track down, but Order Medical Records will work tirelessly to secure a copy for you.

Ready to Get Started?

Order Medical Records offers the services above, and then some! We thank current and past service members for their commitment and sacrifice, and are honored to assist with record retrieval and management in any way possible. To learn more, you can visit our website Order Medical Records .  Simple orders can actually be submitted right online, but you can call us at 714 559-3071 or email sales@datafied.com for more complicated matters or to learn more.

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