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How Do I Order Digital Medical Records in Brea CA?

How Do I Order Digital Medical Records in Brea CA?

Maybe you recently conducted a Google search, or a medical professional informed you that you’re able to request a copy of your digital medical records. You probably thought, “Wow, that’s cool!” So, you wanted to give it a go yourself, whether it be for health purposes or even out of sheer curiosity.

But there’s one problem: you don’t know how to get your hands on your digital records. Even if you did your research and found some companies you can get your digital copies from, you might hold a lack of trust for these companies. Will they take your payment and run? Will they charge you more than necessary for your records? Will it take several weeks or even months for them to finally give you access to your digital records?

We get it; it’s intimidating. But here at Order Medical Records, we’re a company that believes in being honest, charging competitive costs, and delivering records to our customers in a timely manner while ensuring quality isn’t compromised in the process. Simply put, we’re a customer-oriented company that values a speedy ordering process.

You Can Trust Order Medical Records for Requesting Your Digital Records.

We can’t tell you if other companies will offer a fair and honest ordering process for digital medical records, but we can guarantee to you that our company is someone that you can trust.

Our employees are trained to respect the right to privacy of all individuals who order medical records from us. Once we get your medical records sent to us from your provider, we will do a quality check before quickly having a copy of your records sent your way. Never will we make additional copies of your records for us to keep, snoop through your information, or share your personal health information with another company or individual who isn’t authorized to view them. Your medical records are specifically for you and your provider(s)!

Call Us Today if You Have Questions About Ordering Medical Records Online.

It’s okay to have concerns. It’s also okay to have questions. At any time that you have concerns or questions, our team would be more than happy to help. Whether you’re interested in learning more about what information your medical records may contain, how quickly your digital medical records will be delivered, or even how to order your digital records from the start, all you have to do is call us at 714 559-3071.

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