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Here’s Who Has a Right to Request Your Medical Records in Littleton CO

Here's Who Has a Right to Request Your Medical Records in Littleton CO

It’s great news to know that there’s such a thing as obtaining copies of medical records in the state of Colorado. Knowledge is power. Being able to have access to a copy of medical records, too, is power.

But upon learning about the possibility of ordering medical record copies in Colorado, many concern that this means anyone – even their worst enemy, employer, or ex romantic partner – will be able to obtain their records as well. Nobody wants their boss or high school bully to know that they’ve had health complications over the years, much less, what those health complications may be or may have been.

Luckily, thanks to HIPAA, there are only a few select individuals who are able to get their hands on the records of someone else’s medical history. These people include:


As expected, medical professionals are able to get their hands on their patients’ records, even from another doctor. Obtaining your medical history allows doctors to provide you the best treatment possible. Many patients don’t even know their complete health history, so for a medical professional to be able to obtain your records containing such information be a big help when it comes to providing future diagnoses, giving updated medical advice, ordering updated medical testing or immunizations, or even prescribing different medications most relevant to you.

Parents or Guardians of the Patient

For those 17 and younger, their parent or legal guardian can obtain their records on their behalf. Access to records can be done through a medical professional or from a third-party entity. Once the child reaches the age of 18, parents and guardians no longer have automatic access and must receive written permission from their child. And by the age of 18, patients can then obtain their own records.

Caregiver or Advocate with Permission from the Patient

As long as the patient gives them their approval, the patient’s caregiver or advocate can order a copy of their medical records. If obtaining records directly from a doctor, they will often provide a permission slip for the patient to feel out to authorize a caregiver or another person’s access to view their medical history.


Yes, even you, the patient, can order a copy of your own medical records – and you don’t have to explain why. Many patients like to see their records, so they can be reminded of past diagnoses and health problems or even to review lab results or notes written by their doctor.

Regardless of who you are in relation to the patient, or if you’re even the patient themselves, you can order medical record copies online from Order Medical Records by filling out a simple form.

If you have any questions about getting copies of medical records in Colorado, contact us at 714 559-3071.

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