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Heading off to College? Get Your Medical Records Here

Heading off to College? Get Your Medical Records HereAfter the graduation parties end, the cap and gown have been stored, and the mini fridge and extra long twin sheets have been purchased, you’re just about ready to go to college. But one more really important thing should be on your pre-college To Do list.

Have you thought about your medical records?

The importance of your medical history

For the first time, you’ll likely be far away from your parents and your usual primary care physician. It’ll be helpful to have your medical records on-hand in case an emergency situation arises. This is especially important if you have any sensitive medical conditions, have had any surgical procedures, or have any severe allergies.

Tracking down medical records can be a total drag

Just the thought of tracking down medical records can feel daunting. Why would you want to spend your last summer at home dealing with doctors’ offices and hospital record keeping departments? Bleh. You should be out enjoying your last few weeks and days of freedom! You should be lounging by the pool, dancing with your high school friends, and living it up before your next phase of life begins.

Dealing with patient records… no thanks. Bo-ring!

Great news, though! You don’t have to deal with them. Just go to Order Medical Records and we’ll take care of the rest.

Here’s how it works:

Go to the homepage and click the “Order Now” button at the top right of the page. Fill out the form with all the pertinent info (it’ll take you about 3 minutes) and click “Submit Form” at the bottom. That’s it!

We’ll do all the heavy lifting

We’ll contact all doctors, specialists, and hospitals you’ve been to within the request amount of time, request the records on your behalf, compile and digitize them, check for accuracy, and send them your way as soon as possible. You won’t even have to lift a finger!

We’re medical record specialists

The form only takes about 3 minutes to fill out, and you’ll have the records in your hands or in your email very soon. We at Order Medical Records have successfully delivered over 2 million patient records throughout the US. You can trust us to handle your sensitive medical information in the most confidential, respectful way possible.

What are you waiting for? It’s fast, easy, painless, and it’ll be so good to have your medical records on-hand when you go off to college. Your parents will have so much peace of mind knowing that you have easy access to your complete medical history, thanks to Order Medical Records.

Just click here or call 714 559-3071 to get started today!

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