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Have a Copy of Your Medical Records in Gary IN on Hand

Posted on March 26, 2020
Have a Copy of Your Medical Records in Gary IN on Hand

We’ve been told time and time again that knowing about the state of our health is important. We may eat healthy, exercise regularly, and have an adequate sleep schedule, but we can still get health problems regardless. One way to better understand your health, apart from opting for regular physicals and going to the doctor when you’re feeling unwell, is ordering a copy of your medical records containing your health history.

Why Should I Retrieve a Copy of My Own Medical Records?

Knowing about the past of your health conditions and overall medical history can help you alongside your current health journey.

Reminding yourself of your previous or recent diagnoses, for instance, can help you make better personal decisions as someone with control over their own health. Retrieving copies of medical records can also make it easier for patients to follow any recommendations from their doctor. Doctors’ suggestions are things we often forget, but with them being listed on our medical records, it makes following their orders easier than ever before.

All in all, having a copy of your records, rather than simply reviewing them, can be beneficial for your overall health if you use these records to your best benefit. From helping us better tend to our own health, to getting the chance to amend any incorrect information listed in our records that could negatively impact how we’re treated by doctors in the future, to being able to provide a doctor our history without the need for them to order their own copy (which could take days) to expedite your treatment, there are many ways copies of medical records could serve us and our health well.

In addition, having a record of your medical history in Indiana is critical if you’re planning on going to another doctor, traveling, and/or are moving out of state.

Order Your Digital or Paper Copy from Our Website.

It’s always a good idea to obtain a copy or two of your medical records in the state of Indiana and beyond. You have the right to your own records, so why not take advantage of that right? If it means you’ll be more health conscious, be more likely to care for your health in the most appropriate ways possible, and that your doctor(s) will be better able to treat you, it’s certainly worth paying for.

You can order your records right here from our website. If you have any questions or concerns, dial our phone number to get in touch with our Order Medical Records team: 714 559-3071.

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