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Get a Crash Course in How Order Medical Records Works!

Get a Crash Course in How Order Medical Records Works!

The month of September means that fall is nearly upon us, and so is the beginning of the school year! Many preparations go into sending kids back to school. These include prepping hearty lunches for the first day, taking kids back to school shopping to get organized, and even washing and ironing the perfect back to school outfit. If you’re feeling jealous of your kids heading back to school and having their heads filled with knowledge, we get it! That is why we are giving you a quick crash course in how Order Medical Records works! We’re never too old to stop learning and what better time is there than now to keep educating ourselves?

What information do you need to know?

When you are going to request your medical records there are certain pieces of information that you need to have. First, you will need your personal information and contact information. If you are ordering records on someone else’s behalf, you will also need their personal information. Aside from that, you will need to have the information of the doctor that you are requesting records from. This is essential so that our agents know which doctor to contact regarding obtaining copies.

How do you order medical records on the site?

At Order Medical Records, we make the ordering process as simple as possible. In fact, the entire process can be completed online from the comfort of your home in just a few short minutes. You will visit Order Medical Record and click on the order button. Then, enter the information requested in the designated fields. You will also have the option to specify in which format you would like the documents delivered and whether or not you need a rush on the order. After signing and submitting the authorization form along with your order, that’s it!

What next?

Once you submit the requested information and form to us, all that’s left is to sit back and relax. Our team will contact your doctor to specify the request and then head there to retrieve the copies. They will then be delivered to you in whatever manner you specified. It really is as simple as that!

Are you ready to start the ordering process?

As you can see, the ordering process is really quite simple. You just need to input the required information, which is only detailed enough to ensure that the proper documents are retrieved, and then sit back and wait. If you are ready to start with the ordering process, visit our website at Order Medical Records to get started. The whole process is simple, but should you have questions or need any assistance, you can always reach us at 714 559-3071 or sales@datafied.com. Our staff is highly trained and customer service oriented, working to ensure that you have a great experience.

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