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Five Common Reasons Why You Might Need to Order Your Medical Records

  1. Your Doctor is Retiring

  2. Five Common Reasons Why You Might Need to Order Your Medical RecordsIf your current physician is retiring, you will need to obtain a complete set of your medical records. It can be an emotional time, saying goodbye to a doctor that has cared for you and your family for quite some time, but it is essential that you get a copy of your medical records before the doctor closes up shop. After this occurs, documents likely go into storage and it can be difficult to obtain them.

  3. Multiple Doctors are Collaborating On Your Care

  4. If you have several conditions, it is not uncommon to be visiting a few different doctors and specialists. However, to accurately and most efficiently treat you, all of your doctors will need all-encompassing copies of your medical records. This ensures that all doctors know about past and current conditions, and even what medications that you are taking.

  5. You Are Moving

  6. If you are moving far enough away, you will need to switch doctors. In order for your new doctor to provide to best care, they will need to be informed. Being informed means having your medical records to review. You might have forgotten about your many bouts with Tonsillitis, but if you come in with another round of it, your new doctor might see a pattern and want to take your tonsils out. They need to have all the information to treat your properly.

  7. You Are Applying For Social Security Disability

  8. This one might seem more obscure than the others, but in order to qualify for social security disability you will need to meet a very strict set of criteria. This criteria has been specified by the federal government and you will need to gather evidence – your medical records – to prove that you meet the disability status. By obtaining records and submitting them, you can avoid unnecessary delays in the decision process and the issue of the board making a decision without the appropriate information.

  9. You Are Compiling Family Medical History

  10. t is always a good idea to have copies of your family medical history. It is important for your children to know what medical conditions and hereditary issues you have or are experiencing. This helps their doctors catch things earlier, which might lead to better outcomes and healthier children! If you want to compile a family medical history, you will need to gather up your medical records and your spouse’s medical records.

If You Need Your Medical Records, Order Medical Records Can Help!

Obtaining medical records might sound like an easy process, but it often is anything but. While some get lucky and obtain copies of their medical records in a breeze, others face a more complicated process. If you need help getting your medical records, you can let Order Medical Records help. Simply place an order and let us do all of the work!

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