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Are You and Your Family Prepared?

FamilyLife is very unpredictable in nature and that is why, as humans, we always try to be prepared for any situation. Many health issues that arise in you and your family’s lives are unpredictable and health issues are not something that can be taken lightly. In order to best prepare yourself to handle an unexpected medical issue, it is imperative that you and your loved ones have copies of or immediate access to your medical records.

Why Do I Need My Medical Records?

Medical records are notes made by physicians and medical experts that describe all doctor-patient encounters that have taken place. Typically, these records will describe a patient’s medical background including any patient visits, symptoms, diagnoses made, treatments given, and test and procedure reports. Every time a patient visits a physician these notes are taken down so that both the patient and the physicians themselves understand what took place regarding their health.

These records are extremely important for a multitude of different reasons. First and foremost, without these records your doctors and physicians who you rely on to provide you with the best possible medical care will not be able to do so. Doctors rely on these records to get a picture of your health situation and background so without the records the doctor is put into a tough position. Furthermore, if you visit several different doctors at multiple locations, your medical records will likely be spread all over and it will be impossible for a doctor to accurately assess your health. This is a serious concern and it can be easily alleviated by having a complete copy of your medical records ready at all times. In addition, having copies of your family members’ medical records is also vitally important. Having copies of your family members’ medical records is a wise idea because the records may be needed at some point to help diagnose a condition that your children or another family member are suffering from.

While it may be clear to you how important your medical records are, many doctor’s offices and healthcare facilities have less concern for your records. Across the country, many facilities are shredding patient medical records without ever informing these patients. And according to different state statutes, they have the right to do so. Add this fact to the risks of system crashes and natural disasters and it becomes quite clear that your records are not as safe as you may think they are.

What Steps Should I Take?

So the real question is, what are you to do about your medical records? The answer is to secure a copy of or gain unlimited access to your medical records as soon as possible. Retrieving your medical records from healthcare facilities can be a difficult task. Facilities are often backlogged with requests, as they receive hundreds every day, and there are typically lengthy procedures that must be completed in order to obtain records. That is why it is best to let the experts at Order Medical Records collect your records for you. Order Medical Records has been securely delivering medical records to customers for over 21 years and the practices that we use to obtain and deliver records have been proven extremely successful over this time period. Don’t just take our word for it – let us secure your medical records and along with them, your peace of mind today.

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