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Electronic Medical Records in Loveland CO Are Safer and More Secure Than You Think

Electronic Medical Records in Loveland CO Are Safer and More Secure Than You Think

When it comes to all things technology, people worry about security. Nobody wants their beloved family photos, confidential files, e-mail and website logins, and the like to get exposed or stolen. There’s a good reason we have our own personal technological devices, from computers to smartphones: because they contain our personal stuff that’s often meant only for our eyes to see.

So, when it comes to something as intimate as a copy of one’s medical records, of course they’re probably not going to want anybody else to look at it but them and a medical professional. That being said, they may be uncertain about getting a digital copy of their medical records for fear that it will be accessed by a random hacker who has no right to read through their medical history. For the most part, this is a logical concern.

Don’t Worry – Electronic Medical Records are Secure

While anyone should be concerned about their digital content getting hacked into by an outsider, rest assured that digital medical records are delivered in such a way that is safe and secure. These digital copies feature strong encryption protocols to keep the most personal, confidential information in a patient’s medical records as safe as possible. In addition, your records won’t be plastered online for the public to see; they’re for your eyes only.

As a side note, understand that even paper copies of medical records can be accessed by others. For instance, they may be tampered with as they’re being shipped out to you via snail mail. Or, you might misplace your paper copy or put it in a not-so-safe area, and it could end up in the hands of someone who isn’t authorized to read your medical history.

No matter how you have your medical records delivered to you, they can be potentially accessed by another person. But the main point here is, electronic medical records are, in fact, safer than you might have initially thought.

Need a Digital Copy of Your Medical Records? We Can Help!

If you’re ready to get an electronic version of your medical records, you can do just that from the Order Medical Records website. The request form is incredibly quick and easy to fill out, and it’s something you can finish in one sitting!

Call us at 714 559-3071 if you have questions about ordering Loveland, Colorado digital medical records. We’re here to walk you through every step of the way!

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