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Don’t Rely on the Hospital to Provide Your Medical Record

One woman’s struggle shows the wisdom of keeping a copy of your medical record on hand at all times

doctors-300x300It’s no secret that various medical providers and hospitals have communication problems. It can take days or even weeks for them to exchange information about your care. Meanwhile, you may be unable to get the treatment that you need. Don’t risk suffering because hospitals can’t get their administrative act together! Instead, secure a copy of your medical record now so that you will always have it on hand. This will enable you to get faster and more effective care tailored to your unique needs.

Regina’s Story

One woman’s struggle to get care for her dying husband highlights the importance of always having an up-to-date copy of your medical record, as well as the records of your loved ones.

When Regina Holliday’s husband was diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer, she wanted to see a copy of his medical record. After working the system for days, she was told it would take 21 days for her to see the medical record in the hospital where he had been continuously hospitalized since coming in for tests. Already dissatisfied by the hospital’s failure to inform her and her husband of his test results for four days due to his doctor’s vacation, Regina fought for a transfer to a different facility. Upon arrival, she discovered that the medical record the first hospital had sent along with them was out of date and incomplete. This meant that the new doctors could not care for her husband. Technically, they couldn’t even feed him without knowing the details of his current treatments and medication. She sat beside her dying husband for 6 hours while hospital staff tried to recreate his medical record over the phone.

When she finally received the medical record, she handed it to her husband’s new doctors. After referencing it, they returned it to her, saying “this is safest with you.” Ultimately, Regina’s husband left this hospital too and passed away at home in her care. To this day she believes had she had her husband’s medical record from the start, he would have received better care and had a better quality of life in his final months.

Act Now

Don’t wait for an emergency to order your medical record. Instead, secure a copy through OMR today. The process is easy. All you have to do is fill out our online order form or give us a call.

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