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Don’t Lose Your Medical History in Grand Junction CO

Don't Lose Your Medical History in Grand Junction CO

You’ve heard that nothing is forever. Well, it turns out, that still applies to your medical records. In the state of Colorado, it’s required for doctors to keep your medical history on file for at least seven years from your last visit or once you hit the age of 25 – whichever comes first. However, after those seven years are up or once you hit 25, guess what? Those previous records of yours can be legally tossed, just like that. It’s true that many Colorado-based doctors keep medical records on file for much longer than seven years, but there is no way to truly guarantee that your records are safe. For many, that’s a scary thought.

Your Full Medical History is Imperative

As you can probably imagine, getting access to your entire, complete medical history is critical, but that isn’t all that possible if part of your records is disposed of over time. It’s upsetting, frustrating, and stressful to say the least. You deserve to know information like your medical history, after all.

The only way to make sure that you, personally, have access to your medical history is to gain access before it’s too late. You can gain access by requesting a copy of your medical records. Once you receive a copy of your medical records, they’re there to stay with you for life, whether via a paper copy or through a digital copy – whichever you choose. This means even long after seven years has passed, you can make sure that you still have access to older aspects of your medical history, which gives you greater power and control over your own medical needs and goals.

Get as Much of Your Medical History in Grand Junction CO as Possible

If you want to get as much of your medical history possible, then it’s imperative that you don’t wait to order a copy of your medical records. Remember, your medical records can legally be disposed of after seven years by your medical professional. That said, time is ticking for you to get those important details in your hands.

You can request a copy of your medical records right from the OrderMedicalRecords.com website. We’d love to help you quickly get your hands on your Colorado medical history before much of that information is permanently lost. And as you accumulate more medical information in your records, you’re welcome to order another set of medical records in the future to make sure you have that information in your hands as well.

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