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Disability Attorneys: Use OrderMedicalRecords.com to Get the Medical Records You and Your Clients need—FAST!

Posted on March 12, 2016

Disability Attorneys: Use OrderMedicalRecords.com to Get the Medical Records You and Your Clients need—FAST!If you’re an attorney who represents clients in disability cases, you likely need to get ahold of medical records on a fairly regular basis. If the client involved is experiencing mental or physical problems that prompted them to apply for disability benefits from the government, then he or she probably has no interest or ability in going to various medical facilities to track down medical records. It’s just not practical for many people – even those who are in perfect health prefer not to do it because it’s so cumbersome and time-consuming.

That’s where Order Medical Records comes in.

We can handle all your and your clients’ requests for medical records. We’ll track them down as quickly as possible without any fuss. You and your clients won’t have to jump through any hoops or deal with any bothersome paperwork. We can even offer discounts on our medical record retrieval services – just contact us for more information.

It’s easy to request medical records

Requesting medical records is incredibly easy when you use Order Medical Records. You or your client can put our data retrieval specialists on the case by submitting an online request here or by calling 714 559-3071 for personalized assistance over the phone. Our friendly, professional representatives are always happy to help!

Attending Physician Statement retrieval

Getting ahold of Attending Physician Statements is also totally straight-forward when you use Order Medical Records. We will work with all the custodians and record gatekeepers to make sure you get the medical data you need as quickly as possible.

Secure, confidential medical record retrieval

You can also rest assured at all sensitive medical information will be kept completely safe and secure at all times. Order Medical Records uses top of the line encryption software to make sure medical data always stays private and never falls into the wrong hands. You can be confident with your choice to use Order Medical Records for all your and your clients’ medical data retrieval needs.

Paper medical record retrieval

If someone is needed in-person to collection medical records, that’s no problem either. We’ll gladly send one of the members of our highly qualified network of field agents to assist in on-site scanning services of one medical chart or even boxes or whole filing cabinets of paper documents. While retrieving electronic medical files is much faster and simpler, we never shy away from retrieving paper files whenever the need arises as well.

Any questions?

As an attorney, you’re probably full of important questions about our services. Attorneys love to ask questions, and we love to answer them! Feel free to contact Order Medical Records anytime by calling 714 559-3071 or emailing sales@datafied.com. We look forward to fulfilling all your and your clients’ needs for medical record retrieval services very soon.

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