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Different Medical Records Delivery Formats

Different Medical Records Delivery Formats

Order Medical Records provide an easy way to obtain your medical records. We work with you, insurance plans, attorneys and businesses, and doctors and medical groups to get you your medical records. Partner with us to get the records you need today by securing your medical records. We provide a safe and secure way to order your records online in three simple steps.

Step 1: Take a short 3 minutes to place your order online. We have a safe and secure ordering process to keep all your information private.

Step 2: Our team will contact your provider’s facility, schedule a visit, scan your records, and review them for accuracy.

Step 3: You can securely download online your records or your records can be delivered in any format you would like. We can also send your records to anyone you authorize us to release them to.

Delivery Formats

We offer various types of delivery formats for you. Select the most convenient way for you to receive your medical records. Let’s take a look at all the different ways we offer you to easily receive your records.

  1. Dedicated Server Transfer: We encourage our clients to download their medical records online to ensure confidentially.
  2. Flash Drive: We can place copies of your medical records on a flash drive for you. This is especially convenient if you have a long medical record.
  3. Printed Mailing: We can also ship paper records via Federal Express.
  4. CD-ROM/DVD: We can also place your medical record on to a CD-ROM or DVD for you. Having a digital copy can be useful and be easily shared or viewed.
  5. External Hard Drive: We are able to place copies of your medical record on an external hard drive where you can access when you need it.

Rely On Us For Your Medical Record Needs

Order Medical Records have over 20 years of partnering with individuals and businesses to secure medical records. Our team of experts is ready to work for you. Don’t wait until it’s too late to need your medical records. We are here to work with you to provide you with the most recent and up to date medical records. We ensure that we are HIPAA compliant and will keep all your information confidential. We offer many different solutions depending on your current situations and fields. We look forward to working with you! Give us a call at 714 559-3071 today!

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