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Did You Know that You Have the Right to Amend Your Medical Records in Hollywood FL?

Did You Know that You Have the Right to Amend Your Medical Records in Hollywood FL?

You might have recently found out that you can get a copy of your own medical records. Maybe you even requested to get your records straight from our website. So, when you got your records, you probably thoroughly looked through them, curious as to what you might find. Then at some point, you might have come across an error.

Maybe within your records, it shows that you received a negative test result when it was actually positive. Or, you see that your doctor failed to put down the medication(s) you are taking in your records. Uh-oh!

You start to wonder if it really matters whether or not your medical records are correct. In truth, it does make a difference. Inconsistencies, incomplete information, or incorrect data within medical records can cause confusions and miscommunications. As a result, your doctor may mistakenly, without realizing, prescribe you the wrong medication, misdiagnose you, or give you the wrong method of treatment in the future if they didn’t have their hands on your correct medical history. Yikes.

Fortunately, You Can Request an Update to Your Records.

If there is incorrect or missing information in your medical records, not all hope is lost. In the state of Florida, you have the right to request to have your records amended to include all correct information. After all, every individual deserves to have correct medical records. Without such, this could potentially put your life in jeopardy during future hospital or emergency room visits.

That said, requesting an amendment as soon as you find an error is important. To request an amendment, you can ask your local clinic or hospital for a medical record amendment form, or you may type out your own amendment request, asking the associated provider to please make the appropriate change(s) necessary.

In the event that your provider disagrees with your request, you can submit a Statement of Disagreement in hopes to get your amendment eventually approved.

After Amending Your Medical Records, Request a Free Copy from Us.

Once your records are amended to contain the correct results, diagnoses, and the like, it’s then time to request an updated copy of your records. Doing this is quick and easy. All you have to do is order your copy from the Order Medical Records’s website, and soon enough, you’ll have a fresh copy in your hands!

Call us at 714 559-3071 if you have any questions about ordering your amended medical records.

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