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Considering Switching Doctors? OrderMedicalRecords.com Can Make it Easy!

Considering Switching Doctors? OrderMedicalRecords.com Can Make it Easy!Maybe you’re not seeing eye to eye with your doctor. Or perhaps you are moving to another town, state or even country. Is it possible that your current doctor always acts rushed and it seems like an impossible task just trying to get an appointment with them? Whatever the reason, you’re considering switching doctors. Which doctor you switch to is a very important decision, as they will literally have your health in their hands. You’ll want to make sure you look at their office location, talk with friends or family members who go there to get recommendations and even consider examining online reviews and searching for common complaints or criticisms. One thing you might forget, but certainly need to consider when making this transition, is how your medical records will be transferred.

What Are Medical Records?

Your medical records are comprehensive documentation of your medical history and patient care during your time with a health care provider. They contain not only your medical history, but also surgical history, family history, immunizations, test results, imaging results, and medication history. These documents are extremely important and will be essential in helping your new doctor become acquainted with you and your health.

Do you still not understand the importance of transferring your medical records to your new doctor? Consider this – it is essentially the “textbook” on your health, and what doctor would do well taking a test without reading the material in the book first?  Another analogy for any sports lovers out there – medical records are your body’s “playbook” and your doctor is the Quarterback of the team. Wouldn’t you want the Quarterback to know the plays before entering a game?

No matter how you look at it, your medical records are an essential tool that any doctor will need to provide you with the quality health care that you deserve.

Use Order Medical Records to Transfer Your Medical Records

If you have already switched doctors, or are about to, Order Medical Records can help make the process quick and painless! Rest assured – we know what we are doing! Order Medical Records has secured over 2 million records since 1993. You won’t have to worry about going to your doctor’s office to gather the requested documents, because Order Medical Records can do everything online for you. Our online medical record ordering process takes no more than three minutes and can save you hours of hassle.

How the Order Medical Records Process Works

Once the order form and payment is submitted, we will contact your doctor and then dispatch a certified field agent to their office to obtain and scan your records. They will then be assessed for accuracy and readability before you receive an email that your documents are ready. At that point, your medical records can either be downloaded online, or shipped overnight to the requested destination. The entire process is fast and painless!

That Sounds Great! How Do I Order?

Click here if you are ready to begin the process of obtaining your medical records.

If you have any questions before beginning the process or while you are going through the order form, contact us at 714 559-3071, and our staff will be happy to assist with all inquiries you may have. For a less pressing matter, you can also email sales@datafied.com and we will contact you within 24-hours.

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