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Can You Only Order Electronic Medical Records in New York NY?

Can You Only Order Electronic Medical Records in New York NY?

These days, it seems like just about everything has gone digital. Many books, classes, meetings, application forms, and means of communication have pretty much all gone online. The digital versions of these things aren’t necessarily replacing their real-life counterparts, and these things aren’t always found in digital format, of course, but they do offer a more convenient, versatile solution for many people.

We completely understand, though, when people tell us how much they dislike having an electronic version of something. Some people aren’t fond of technology while others simply prefer having a paper copy of something so that they can physically hold it in their hands.

If you happen to prefer a non-digital version of something, you’ll be happy to know that Order Medical Records offers New York, NY residents the option to not only get electronic medical record copies ordered but also paper copies.

Benefits of Paper Copies of Medical Records

Don’t get us wrong; we love electronic copies of medical records, but there are some benefits of having a paper version that a digital version just can’t compete with.

For one, some people find it easier to read paper copies of their medical records. It’s essentially more interactive to be able to feel the actual copy in your hands, read it comfortably in virtually any position you desire (can’t do that with a desktop computer, now, can you?), physically rearrange or pull out certain pages of your records, and even highlight or make handwritten notes on your records as needed. While there are sometimes ways to do these things digitally, many people find that it can take longer. Not to mention, some people find that they don’t retain information as well when they read or skim information in digital format versus physical format. Making matters worse, digital copies can be accidentally erased, lost, hacked into, or even freeze on a page mid-reading.

And another point we feel is important to make is, unlike digital records, a paper version of one’s medical records doesn’t require a technological device to access. So, you can have access to your medical records, even if you’re stranded on an online or even if the electricity goes out, and you don’t have access to a charged technological device at the time.

Order Paper or Digital Copies of Your Records Today

Whether you want a paper or digital copy – or both – of your medical records, you can count on us to deliver them to you.

Send your request for your copy today on our website. Feel free to call us if you have any questions at 714 559-3071.

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