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Can Patients’ Access to Their Own Medical Records Be Harmful?

Can Patients' Access to Their Own Medical Records Be Harmful?

One would think that their right to access their own medical records would be merely a beneficial thing. It’s true that accessing your own medical records can be advantageous. However, we can’t deny that there are also cons mixed with those pros, which patients have the right to be aware of before opting to request a copy of their medical records.

Ways Access to Your Own Medical Records May Be Harmful

As much as we want to talk about how great it is to have a copy of your own medical records, we must also admit that for some patients, access to this information may have the potential to be harmful. Generally, accessing one’s own medical information is unlikely to be damaging. For instance, a patient’s access to their mental health professional’s notes that were taken during psychotherapy may be triggering or highly unsettling.

However, every patient is different, and some information that may be harmful for one person may not be harmful to another individual.

How Having a Copy of Your Medical Records Can Be Beneficial

Although access to medical records has the possibility of being harmful to certain people, access can also be very beneficial. Below are some reasons why having a copy of your own medical records on file can be advantageous:

  • You have the opportunity to verify if the information written within your medical records is correct or if there is any missing information.
  • Your doctor will have quicker access to your medical records if you bring your copy to your appointment or emergency room visit.
  • The information within your medical records can potentially help you alongside your medical journey.

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