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Birth Certificate OnlineOur team can help get copies of your birth certificates online based on the state that you live.

Birth Certificate OnlineOur team can help get copies of your birth certificates online based on the state that you live.

A birth certificate is the first legal documentation that recognizes a birth. The information found on a birth certificate includes the full name, the time and date of birth, the place of birth, and information about the parents. It also contains information regarding ethnicity and demographics. A birth certificate also has the sex of the birth, the mother and father’s name and place of birth, and occupation of the parents. Some birth certificates also include a baby’s footprints as a special keepsake, but is not used for legal purposes.

Importance of a Birth Certificate

It is a very important document because it proves your legal identity and age. You will need a birth certificate to apply for a passport to travel outside the United States to certain countries. A birth certificate is also needed to apply for government benefits or join the military. Additionally, a birth certificate is required documentation to enroll in school or to claim a pension or insurance benefits. A birth certificate also serves as proof of relationship to parents, required for child support services, inheritance, and eligibility for benefits. A birth certificate is required for social security, Medicaid, a driver’s license, a marriage license, and more.

How to Get A Birth Certificate

If you need extra copies of your birth certificate, you are probably wondering how you get one. Usually you will fill out the required information after you have a birth at a hospital before you are discharged. You also include a mailing address and pay a small fee. The birth certificate will then be sent to you via the address that is provided. You can request a birth certificate online depending on certain states.

Order Medical Records can help

If you would like to get a copy of your birth certificate or birth certificates for your children, Order Medical Records can help. Depending on the state you live in, our team at Order Medical Records can request copies of birth certificates online. It is very important to have copies of your birth certificates. There are many circumstances in which a birth certificate is needed, such as for a passport, enrolling in school, government support programs, or insurance benefits. Give our Order Medical Records team a call at 714 559-3071 with any questions or inquire on getting your birth certificate. Our specialists are prepared to help you if you need copies of your birth certificate. We are experts in document retrieval and can work for you to get you the information you need.

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