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Back to School with Medical Records 101 from Order Medical Records

Back to School with Medical Records 101 from Order Medical Records

September is a great month. Football season starts back up, the heat drops off a bit to provide comfortable temperatures, and kids head back to school. Parents across the country rejoice as their kids head back into a world of structure. Regular bed times, homework filled evenings, and school sports are all great ways to get back on a routine. If you’re feeling a bit reminiscent of your back to school days—you know, spending the week before school choosing the perfect back to school outfit—Order Medical Records has you covered. Here’s a refresher course on medical records to give you a slight dose of that back to school reality.

What are medical records and why do they matter?

Medical records are a compilation of documents that detail your health history. They contain notes from all your doctor appointments, diagnoses, test results, lab results, copies of scans and images that may have been taken, insurance information and more. These records are essential because they give doctors an all-encompassing look at your health history, which is essential for providing the best care possible to you.

Do I have a right to my medical records?

Yes, you have a right to your medical records. In fact, HIPAA dictates that patients receive access to their records and if necessary, can also file an appeal for changes to be made. Now, it is important to keep in mind that you cannot take the original medical records because those are the property of the physician. You can, however, obtain copies of your medical records. Keep in mind that you can also be charged for these copies so do not expect your doctor’s office to hand over hundreds of pages of your medical history for free.

Why would I ever need copies of my medical records?

It might seem like these records are of no consequence to you, but there are actually many reasons why you might need copies of your medical records. The first of which is that if you move, change doctors, or seek out a specialist, they will want to see your medical records. Additionally, these records might be sought in conjunction with a disability or worker’s compensation case. If you are looking to compile a family medical history, you might also want copies of these records.

Is there someone who provides medical record retrieval services?

Yes, there are companies that provide medical record retrieval services. Order Medical Records is a company that has been in business since 1993 and can help you obtain copies of your medical records. Our ordering process is quick and easy and it can even be completed entirely online. Simply visit us at Order Medical Records to get started with the ordering process.

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