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Baby Boomers Generation

Baby Boomers Generation

There are different generations in the United States that are defined as social groups of people born around the same time who share similar cultural traits, values, and preferences. Today, many people identify themselves as Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, or Baby Boomers.

What is the Baby Boomers Generation?

The Baby Boomers Generation is most often defined as individuals born between 1946 and 1964. Today, Baby Boomers are around the age between 55 to 75 years old. This generation refers to the noticeable increase in birth rate after the war eras in the United States. This generation was one of the largest populations in American history. It is predicted that Baby Boomers make up 28% of the population and control about 80% of personal financial assets. Statistics on Baby Boomers report that one in three Americans over the age of 65 relies on Social Security benefits alone. The Baby Boomers may be one of the most important groups now needing senior living and medical care in the States.

Why do Baby Boomers Need Copies of their medical records?

Baby Boomers need copies of their medical records because many are retiring or are in their older age. This generation will probably need medical care and it will be beneficial to have copies of their medical records on hand. Having copies of your medical records readily available will help your doctors and providers be up to speed about your medical history in any medical circumstance or medical emergencies. This will ensure that Baby Boomers will have better quality of care provided by their healthcare team. When Baby Boomers transition into senior living facilities, having an updated medical record can help ensure a smooth move. Other benefits of Baby Boomers have copies of their medical records include:

  • Knowing about their own medical history through reading their medical record
  • Making sure their medical history is correctly recorded in their medical record
  • Having more than one provider, such as other specialists, can be complex. But making sure all your providers have up to date copies of your medical records will ensure quality medical care

Order Medical Records can help!

If you are a Baby Boomer and would like copies of your medical records, Order Medical Records can help. We are experts in medical record retrieval. We make the whole process easy and pain free for you. Don’t wait any longer! Reach out to us today. Give us a call at 714 559-3071.

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