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All Atlanta GA Residents Should Have a Copy of their Medical Records

All Atlanta GA Residents Should Have a Copy of their Medical Records

One big problem we have today is that many Georgia residents aren’t aware how important it is to have a copy of their medical records in their hands. So, it’s no wonder that when asked, many will say that they don’t have a copy (but that’s unfortunate). While not required, a copy of your medical records can act as a tool – a very important one, too.

Why Having a Copy of Your Medical Records Pays Off

You might wonder how having a copy of your own medical records can be beneficial for you personally. It can act as an advantage to you in many ways.

For one, your medical records can inform you of your medical information that gets presented to your doctor. Of course, you’re only going to want your doctor to know truthful information regarding your medical history so that they can treat you accordingly. If there’s anything incorrectly listed in your medical records, you’re going to want to know this. This way, you can have it amended before your next doctor appointment.

In addition, having a copy of your records can be useful whenever you end up in the hospital. Having a copy in your possession can help speed up the time you’re able to receive the right treatment from a doctor and better ensure that It’s the most applicable one based on your medical history. Generally, it makes it easier both for you and for the doctor diagnosing and treating you during your visit.

Never underestimate the benefits of having your medical record copy within your reach. It may or may not benefit you right here and now, but it certainly will come in handy at some point in the future.

Request Your Copy in the State of Georgia Today

Don’t have a copy of your Georgia medical records on hand just yet? It’s never too late. You may qualify (most people do) to get your copy!

All you need to do to find out if you qualify is fill out a quick form on the Order Medical Records website. After filling out this form, our staff will let you know if your request has been approved. After approval comes the process of us retrieving your records and then delivering a copy of them to you for your viewing purposes.

Need to chat with us regarding getting your copy? Call Order Medical Records at 714 559-3071, and we’ll answer each and all of your inquiries.

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