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Accidents Can Happen In The Summer

Accidents Can Happen In The Summer

An accident can occur anytime that can lead to you being out of work. You could be fixing things around the house and fall down a ladder that prevents your ability to work for a while. Summer is a time when there area activities known to bring higher potential for accidents and mishaps to happen. If you experience an injury and need to be out of work, you will require your medical record to file a disability claim. Let’s review some summer activities that can lead to accidents and why you need your medical record to submit a disability claim to be out of work.

Summer Activities

Summer is a season where many enjoy being outside because of the nice sunny weather. During the winter months, there tends to be less activities outside and more people stay in their homes. Summer time is filled with fun outdoor activities that can include boating, water skiing, camping, and hiking. An increase in activity levels makes sense that there are more injuries throughout the summer months.

Playing sports like baseball, football, or golf is also something many also like to join in this time of the year. Although some summer activities are less aggressive than others, playing sports contain an additional competitive aspect. Participation in summer sports may increase your chances of incurring extra injuries due to its more aggressive nature.

Medical Record to File a Disability Claim

When injuries from accidents occur, whether it happens during summer or not, it is important to order your medical records to adequately file your disability claims. Your medical record will contain information on the accident and how it transpired. It will detail the severity of the accident and a diagnosis. The documentation will also include the type of procedures that were used and treatment required. The record will outline how the accident will prevent you from going to work and for how long. Having the complete medical information in your medical record is integral in filing your disability claim.

Quickly Get Your Medical Record

If you are injured and need to submit a disability claim because you are out of work, Order Medical Records can help. You can quickly get your medical record by using our easy ordering process online. Your online request takes no longer than five minutes to complete. With over 26 years of experience in medical record retrieval and information management, Order Medical Records streamlines the process for you. Don’t wait if you have been injured and need help getting your medical records. Contact us by calling 714 559-3071 today!

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