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Accessing Your Medical Records in Brea CA is Your Legal Right

Accessing Your Medical Records in Brea CA is Your Legal Right

As a human and American, you have a lot of legal rights and privileges that you’ve earned and rightfully deserve. Many of us love to take advantage of these because, well, they’re important to us, and they truly make a difference in our lives. Others of us, however, don’t really take advantage of our privileges and rights as we should.

One thing that we think that you should take advantage of as an American is obtaining a copy of your medical records. A majority of American adults (and minors with approval from their parent or guardian) are eligible to receive their copy. While nobody is required to receive a copy of their medical records, requesting them can be a very wise decision for those that choose to do so.

Why Having a Copy of Your Medical Records is Advantageous

Imagine not knowing what your medical records say or even what kind of information they even contain. It can be a matter of life or death. If your records are incorrect in any way, shape, or form, your next visit at the doctor might not be shaped around your current medical condition or considerate of your medical history. You might be prescribed a medication that could interfere with a medical condition not listed in your medical records, for instance. If your records are wrong, it could be detrimental to say the least.

So, to have a copy of your own medical records means the power is in your hands. You can look through them and speak out if you see that anything is wrong or misleading. You’re capable of ensuring that next time you go to the doctor, your medical professional will understand your full medical history and cater to you and your health based on that, not based on incorrect records.

To top it off, having a copy of your records on hand can speed up medical visits, provide you with medical knowledge you need to help you help yourself based on your health, and your medical records can even come in handy when communicating with your doctor(s) in the future.

Get Access to Your Medical Records in California

Getting a copy of your medical records in the state of California is not difficult, thankfully. At Order Medical Records, we have a simple-to-fill-out form for you to request your records from. Complete the form on our website, and soon enough, you’ll hear back from us with whether or not you’ve been approved to receive a copy of your records, and from there, we will work with you to get your copy in your hands.

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