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Accessing Your Medical History in New Port Beach CA

Posted on April 21, 2021
Accessing Your Medical History in New Port Beach CA

As weird as it might sound, learning about yourself is quite interesting and pretty important if you think about it. You’d think that there’s nothing else we can learn about ourselves as we live in our mind and body every single day. In reality, some things are just a mystery to us, like the state of our health or even the history of our health.

Do you know a thing about your health? Well, now you can by ordering a copy of your medical records, which can delve you into the lengthy history of your medical past. Knowing your medical past can help you learn more about how to best take care of yourself in the future. In turn, this can help you be the healthiest “you” as possible in the coming years.

Getting Access is Easy

So, you’re interested in getting a copy of your medical records, huh? The good news is that getting access isn’t hard. If anything, it’s easier than applying for college. (Yes, really!)

But before you can be granted access to a copy of your records, you must get your request approved. In order to submit a request, you can fill out a quick form on our website. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes or so to complete, which is incredible as who has extra time on their hands these days, anyway?

After approval (don’t worry – most requests do, in fact, get approved), Order Medical records will take it from here. We’ll even be the ones who communicate with your doctor to ensure your medical records can be accessed by us as quickly as possible. Our professionals will then work quickly yet carefully to get a copy of your records made and sent out to you. So easy and so fast!

Ask for a Copy of Your Medical Records ASAP

New Port Beach, CA residents: if you want to get access to your medical history as soon as you can, it all starts with filling out a request form. Don’t delay your access to your copy any longer. The more you wait to send out your request, the longer it will be until you’re able to access a copy of your medical records and learn about your medical past.

If you have any inquiries about the process or about medical record copies in general, you know who to call: Order Medical Records. Our phone number for questions and concerns is 714 559-3071.

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