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3 Things You Didn’t Know a Copy of Your Medical Records Could Help You with in Sarasota FL

3 Things You Didn't Know a Copy of Your Medical Records Could Help You with in Sarasota FL

Your medical records sound like an important set of documents because, well, they are. Without them, your doctor wouldn’t be aware of your medical history unless you verbally explained it to them in detail. Even then, sometimes we humans forget to mention a little, yet vital, detail about our health. It’s also possible that we were so young during certain medical visits that we’re not able to remember such visits years down the road. Plus, with all the big medical terminology and confusing medical concepts, it can be a challenge for the average person to be able to recall, let alone explain, their medical history.

That’s where medical records come in. They’re the perfect way to communicate to a medical professional of any diagnoses you have, medications you were prescribed, tests you’ve received in the past, and so on and so forth. This helps them to be able to treat you as best as possible as their patient.

Apart from the latter, obtaining a copy of your own medical records could be beneficial to you in other ways, including:

  1. Verification of Medical Data
  2. While it’s important for medical records to contain accurate, and only accurate, information, that just doesn’t happen in an imperfect world where humans are prone to error and misunderstandings. This is why it’s a great idea to have your own personal copy of your medical records so that you can go through your records to ensure everything seems correct and up to date as it’s meant to.
  3. Better Communication Between Doctors and Patients
  4. The communication that occurs between medical professionals and patients isn’t always clear-cut. There can be miscommunications and misunderstandings that occur from doctor to patient or even the patient to doctor. Either way, communication barriers and mistakes can be resolved when the patient, too, has access to their own records. They can have a better understanding of their own health and have a reminder of what their diagnoses were so that there are no confusions or phone calls to the doctor to be made.
  5. Expedites Emergency Room Visits
  6. When a patient has their own medical records in their hand, it can make emergency room visits, and other medical-related visits, faster and go smoother since the doctor doesn’t have to jump through hoops to get the patient’s records. Saving even just a few minute’s worth of time can make a huge difference in how quickly, and in turn how successful, a patient is able to get the adequate care they need. It can be a matter of life or death.

Achieve these benefits by getting a copy of your own medical records. You can do so by dialing 714 559-3071, so our Order Medical Records team can walk you through the ordering process. It’s easy as pie!

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