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3 Tasks OMR Can Handle for Medical Facilities

Take the burden off your staff by letting OMR handle these 3 tasks

OMRMedical facilities have enough work on their hands as it is, without also worrying about medical record retrieval and release duties. Fortunately, medical facilities can outsource these obligations to companies like OMR, thereby enabling their employees to focus less on administrative matters and more on their primary mission of delivering the best possible medical care. Here are three specific tasks that OMR can handle to help reduce the workload at your medical facility.

Time-Consuming Records Requests

Most medical records requests are pretty routine, but occasionally you may run into requests that are more complicated or time-consuming. For example, maybe you have a notoriously difficult patient who wants to talk your staff member’s ear off every time they call to request records, or maybe you’re looking at an oversized medical record with pages and pages and pages of data that needs to be transferred. Or, maybe you simply have too high of a volume of records requests coming in. In any case, OMR can help take the burden off of your staff by handling the requests for you. Let us handle the tough requests, or all your requests. Either way the affected patients will get excellent service.

Records Custodianship for Retired Doctors

Often, retired doctors end up naming a medical facility as their official records custodian. This is a very serious responsibility, and you may no longer have the staff—or the space—to accommodate additional retired doctors. When this happens, you can turn to OMR. We can take custody of the records, store them safely, and fulfil patient record requests quickly and securely. We can even transform old paper files into a digital database for doctors who retire from your medical facility, thereby improving the ease and speed of medical record request fulfilment.

Chart Audit Relief Services

Medical facilities are expected to do all kinds of chart audits these days, from HEDIS to HCC, RAC, RADV, and beyond. Audits may be used to measure quality of care, to justify billing charges, or as part of a research project. Completing an audit can be very time-consuming, so any steps that can be outsourced probably should be outsourced. OMR can handle the initial pulling of records to be included in the audit. We have an excellent track record of helping medical facilities to gather the most accurate information possible in a format and manner that facilitates the required analysis.

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