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Tustin CA

Tustin CA

Tustin CA is named after Columbus Tustin, a carriage maker who dreamed of making a fortune selling land near Santa Ana. Unfortunately, few people wanted to buy land in his “Tustin City,” and he actually ended up giving away lots for free. After Tustin’s death, the area started getting popular with farmers producing apricots, walnuts, and Valencia oranges. By the 1950s, suburbanization had hit Tustin CA and the population grew rapidly. Many formerly rural areas were annexed to the city during this time. Today Tustin CA is a thriving urban area speckled with just a few orange trees as well as a few of the massive sycamores that gave Tustin CA its nickname “city of trees.” It you live in Tustin CA, you can get help ordering medical records from OMR. We assist individuals in transferring their records between doctors. We also assist health plan providers in accessing records for research or auditing. We can return records in paper and/or digital format.

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